The Huffines Team

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  • Managers

  • Robert Goodwin
    General Manager

    Hometown: Weatherford, TX
    Family: Married for 23 years, two children 16 & 19
    Pets: Bear (Wolfhound) & Noel (Maltipoo)
    Employment Length with Huffines: 13 years
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru Outback
    Favorite TV Show: Foyles War
    Hobbies: Family, cars and yard work
    Favorite Sport Team: Texas Tech Red Raiders

  • Anthony Reich
    General Sales Manager

    Hometown: Lake Elsinore, Ca

    Family: Happily married to my best friend for 18 years, with 4 children
    Pets: 2 Rottweiler's (Penny & Izzy)
    Employment length with Huffines:  10 Years
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru Outback Touring with Saddle Brown Leather
    Favorite Tv Show: Life in Pieces & This is us
    Hobbies: Spending time with my family, and on my boat
    Favorite Sport team: Oakland Raiders, Oklahoma State Cowboys & Texas Rangers

  • Edwin Homan
    Subaru/Pre-owned Sales manager

    Hometown: Capelle Aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands

    Family: Engaged
    Pets: Chiwawa (Trixie) Cat (Cami)
    Employment length with Huffines: 11 1/2 Years
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru legacy 
    Favorite Tv Show: Mom
    Hobbies: Watching sports and enjoying time with family and grand kids
    Favorite Sport Team: Feyenoord, Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers

  • Aaron Brown
    PreOwned Assistant Manager

  • Tim Spencer
    Business Development Manager

    Hometown: Van, Tx

    Family: Married for 5 years and Have 2 Year old Dog "Cosmo".
    Employment Length with Huffines: 7 years
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru Baja
    Favorite Tv Show: Justified, even though its not on anymore
    Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, and spending time with friends
    Favorite Sports Team: Texas Rangers and the Dallas Stars

  • Jeff Campbell
    Corporate Trainer

    Hometown: Moore, Oklahoma

    Family: Married with 4 children
    Pets: 2 dogs and 1 fat cat
    Employment length with Huffines: Year and half or 4 months depends on how you look at it
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru Baja
    Favorite Tv Show: Walking Dead
    Hobbies: Guns and Golf
    Favorite Sport team: OU Sooners

  • Accounting

  • Connie Brown

    Hometown: Sherman, TX

    Employment length with Huffines: 17 Years
    Favorite Subaru: 
    Favorite Tv Show: 
    Hobbies: Loves Sports
    Favorite Sport team: 

  • Kayla Thomas

    Hometown: Killeen, TX

    Family: Married since June 2013
    Pets: 2 big fur children, Luke (Golden-Newfie mix) and Molly (lab mix)
    Employment length with Huffines: Since January 2008
    Favorite Subaru: 
    Favorite Tv Show: Gilmore girls, and any baseball game
    Hobbies: Playing softball, coaching fastpitch, and reading
    Favorite Sport team: Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers

  • Finance

  • Joey Sparlin
    Finance Manager

    Hometown: Tishomingo, OK
    Family: Married for 6 years
    Pets: None 
    Employment Length with Huffines: 5 years
    Favorite All time Subaru: Subaru Baja
    Favorite TV Show: Alaskan Bush people
    Hobbies: Anything Subaru related & Survivalist
    Favorite Sport Team: OKC Thunder & OU

  • Ashton May
    Finance Manager

    Hometown: Hickory Creek, TX
    Family: Married with 2 Boys
    Pets: 2 Pomerania's (Baxter & Bandit) 
    Employment Length with Huffines: 7 Years
    Favorite Alltime Subaru: Subaru Outback
    Favorite TV Show: Walking Dead
    Hobbies: Golf
    Favorite Sport Team: Dallas Cowboys

  • Sales

  • Mike Bresnahan
    Lead Subaru Certified Sales Professional

    Mike has worked in automobile sales since 2002 after transitioning from a career in IT. He has worked with the Subaru brand since 2004, making him the most experienced Subaru representative in North Texas. In 2010, Mike helped moved Huffines Subaru from Lewisville to its current location in Corinth and is one of the "founding fathers" of our dealership.

    Mike promotes the Subaru brand both at work and at home. Among his immediate family of seven people, five are Subaru owners (his other two daughters don't own cars at all). He truly believes that Subarus are the best cars money can buy!

    Mike considers himself more of a consultant than a salesperson. He takes pride in helping his customers find the vehicle they want with a no pressure, no hassle approach. 

    If you'd like to see what Mike's customers say about him and Huffines Subaru please click on the following link.

  • Rick Salsman
    Pre-owned Salesperson

    Hometown: Lewisville, Tx

    Family: Married 41 year, with 2 kids
    Pets: Australian Shepard (Sparky) & Maltese (Ivan)
    Employment length with Huffines: 9 years
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru Outback 
    Favorite Tv Show: I don't really watch tv
    Hobbies: Playing with my grandkids
    Favorite Sport Team: Dallas Cowboys

  • Michael Raupp
    Subaru Certified Sales Professional

    Hometown: Irving, TX

    Family: Married with one boy 
    Pets: Pitbull (Platinum) American Bulldog (Ruby)
    Employment length with Huffines: 4 1/2 years
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru Ascent 
    Favorite Tv Show: Breaking Bad
    Hobbies: Paying the bills
    Favorite Sport Team: Dallas Cowboys

  • Zach Barnett
    Subaru Certified Sales Professional

    Hometown: Arlington, TX

    Family: Married for 4 years
    Pets: 2 lab mixes (Roxy & Riley)
    Employment length with Huffines: 2 1/2
    Favorite Subaru: Impreza RS
    Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
    Hobbies: Shooting, woodworking
    Favorite Sport Team: Dallas Cowboys

  • Ben Frazer
    Certified Subaru Salesperson

    Hometown: La Quinta, CA

    Family: Married with two daughters
    Pets: Puggle named (Lilly) and Bichon Frise (Jasper)
    Employment length with Huffines: 2 1/2
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru Outback limited with eyesight and nav
    Favorite TV Show: The Blacklist, Raising Hope & The Detour
    Hobbies: playing bass guitar, and spending time with my wife and daughters
    Favorite Sport Team: I don't know, i really don't follow sports

  • James Born
    Certified Subaru Salesperson

    Hometown: Carthage, TX

    Family: Married
    Pets: 2 miniature schnauzers (Jack and Edward)
    Employment length with Huffines: 3 year
    Favorite Subaru: Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited
    Favorite TV Show: UFC
    Hobbies: Running, Reading and playing poker
    Favorite Sports team: I don't really follow sports, but if i had to pick one it would be the Cowboys
    Military Experience: Active duty Navy 2004-2009

  • Raquel Mitchell
    New/Certified Pre-Owned Subaru Sales Consultant

    Hometown: Guymon, OK

    Languages: Se Habla Español
    Family: Married with 3 kids
    Employment length with Huffines: 3 years
    Favorite Subaru: Proud owner of an STI
    Favorite Tv Show: Mythbusters
    Hobbies: Reading, PS4 with Husband, Cooking
    Favorite Sport team: Texas Rangers

  • Russell Southard
    Lead Subaru Certified Sales Professional

  • Brent Kelly

  • Tom Talbot
    New Subaru Sales

    Hometown: Seattle, Wa

    Family: Wife Bailey, 2 daughters Allison & Grace

    Pets: Black Lab, Cole

    Employment length with Huffines:  3 1/2 Years

    Favorite Subaru: Outback

    Favorite Tv Show: That 70's Show

    Hobbies: Hunting and Boating

    Favorite Sport team: The Dallas underwater basket weaving team of 03

  • Receptionist

  • Emily Fuller

    Hometown: McKinney, TX

    Family: Boyfriend
    Pets: Toy Poodle (Molly)
    Employment length with Huffines: 2 yrs
    Favorite All Time Subaru: BRZ
    Favorite Tv Show: Fixer Upper
    Hobbies: Crafting and watching netflix
    Favorite Sport team: Auburn Tigers

  • Jenna Viinamaki

    Hometown: Oulu, Finland

    Family: Maybe One day

    Pets: Ollie (Pit Pointer)

    Employment length with Huffines: 3 Yrs

    Favorite All Time Subaru: Subaru Outback Touring

    Favorite Tv Show: The Office

    Hobbies: Hiking and outdoor activities

    Favorite Sport Team: Dallas Stars

  • Tony Sdao
    Service Director

    Hometown: Spring, Tx

    Family: Wife Tori & 2 girls
    Pets: None
    Employment Length with Huffines: Almost 2 years
    Favorite Subaru: Outback Touring
    Favorite Tv Show: News, Sports & America's Got Talent
    Hobbies: Motorsports, Harley's & Fishing
    Favorite Sports Team: Does NASCAR count?