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Test Drive Tips


Walk around Inspection and Test Drive


Concerns when buying a Pre-owned vehicle


  • Was it someone else's problem?
  • Is it really the mileage?
  • Has it been in a flood?
  • Can we afford to take a chance?
  • Will the seller stand behind the vehicle if there is a problem?


Reasons for buying a Pre-owned vehicle


  • More vehicle for your dollar


Who sells Pre-owned vehicles?


              New Car Dealers

                        Sell Certified Pre-owned vehicles with a certified warranty


                 Non-Certified Pre-owned vehicles


          Independent Pre-owned Dealers

                    Sell Pre-owned vehicles


            Private owners

                     Sell pre-owned vehicles as is

                There is no recourse

Questions to ask:

  • Mileage?
  • Price?
  • Compare the list of equipment to the actual vehicle
  • Warranty?
  • CarFax History Report?
  • Branded Title?


*Ask to speak to the technician who inspected the vehicle.*

 *Get the 'CarFax' Vehicle History Report*


 Inspecting the vehicle

  • Paper and pen
  • Checklist with clipboard
  • Small flashlight
  • Small magnet
  • Paper towels
  • CD or DVD
  • Tread depth gauge


At the windshield

  • Verify that the VIN# under the windshield matches the one on the title and registration.  Use your flashlight if necessary.

Under the hood

        Dip Stick

  •  Oil is clear amber color
  •  Feel for grit or particles
  •  Does not smell like burned toast
  •  No bluing of the metal form heat


            Oil Fill Cap

  •  Rubber seal is pliable
  •  No deposits on cap or seal


         Transmission Dipstick

  • Fluid is clear pink color
  • Feel for grit or particles
  • Does not smell like burned cork
  • No bluing of the metal from heat


  • Check terminals and wires for corrosion
  • Check cells for water level


Brake and Power Steering Reservoirs

  • Clear fluid with no milkyness


Start the Engine

  • Listen for noises


The Tires

  • Look for wavy wear patterns
  • Measure for acceptable tread depth, use tread depth gauge



  • Minor scratches or dents that are appropriate for the age and mileage of the vehicle are 'OK'
  • But Look for poorly executed repairs, which are characterized by panels that don't line up or are wavy.
  • Your magnet will tell you if there is filler present



  • Check all the rubber seals around the doors and hatch, they need to be soft and pliable
  • Look under the spare tire for corrosion
  • Check for moisture or a musty smell indicating leaks or flood damage
  • Check the struts by pulling the hatch or trunk down and see if it rebounds



  • Seats comfortable? Cracks in the leather split seams, power adjustment works
  • Carpeting?wear, stains, musty or other odors.
  • Door jams?overspray from poorly executed repairs
  • Does the CD or DVD player work
  • Try out the sound system
  • Try the power windows and mirrors


The Test Drive


  • Start the engine and look for exhaust smoke?there should be none
  • The dash--there should be no warning lights on
  • Acceleration?does it have enough power?
  • Braking?does it stop well and in a straight line?
  • Turning radius?will it be easy to park?
  • Noise level?acceptable?
  • Over the Railroad tracks?how does it handle bumps?
  • Vibrations, misfiring, stumbling, delay during acceleration, rattling, noise, smoke, rough idling?


 the Huffines 125 Point Inspection

 Click Here  for the inspection form we use when certifying Pre-Owned vehicles at Huffines.