Lucky for all of us, we live here in the beautiful community of Denton, with plenty of places to explore on the weekends. If you want to enjoy the versatility of a new SUV for your shopping, camping, carpooling, or sight-seeing adventures, you’ll probably narrow your search down to two popular vehicles: the Subaru Outback and the Toyota Highlander. But which model best suits your driving style? Let’s take a look together!

Size matters. It’s easy to see that the Toyota Highlander is much larger than the Subaru Outback, so why does that matter in the grand scheme of your purchasing decision? The larger Toyota SUV costs more money upfront, gets less fuel economy than the Subaru, and does not maneuver the streets of Denton as well as the more compact Outback. Sure, the new Highlander can seat up to eight total people with the third row seats that come at a premium, but if you don’t need the extra space for additional passengers, the Subaru SUV makes a better and more practical choice.

All-weather performance is important, too. Whether the forecast calls for rain or shine, or you plan to take your adventures off-course, the Subaru Outback SUV also receives another significant edge over its Toyota counterpart. Every new Outback comes with a standard All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system, and it’s not just any old AWD: Subaru practically perfected it by making it fully symmetrical. The brand’s legendary Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive serves as the basis of each new Subaru SUV, giving you efficient power distribution at all times. The new Highlander SUV comes standard as a Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) vehicle, with an AWD system available at an upcharge.

If you want to enjoy agility, versatility, fuel efficiency, and year-round performance, there’s no comparison to the Subaru Outback. Come to Huffines Subaru today to find the new Subaru Outback for sale in Denton, TX!

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