Here at Huffines Subaru we are confident that our Low Price Guarantee is as low as or lower than you are likely to pay for the same new
vehicle purchased from any of our competitors.

We pledge to be truthful in our advertising and deal with our clients in a fair and forthright manner.

Because you work hard for every dollar, you deserve an advertised price for vehicles, service or parts that you can count on with no gimmicks or tricks.

We will not engage in false or misleading tactics.

The price we advertise is the price you pay.  The low sales price we advertise, will be the actual purchase price that we will sell the vehicle, service or parts.  You will never be told that you do not qualify for a discount that is included in our advertised sales price.

There will be no hidden costs in our pricing of vehicles, service or parts.  All advertised low sales prices will be plus taxes and fees which will be fully disclosed.

We believe you deserve the "Huffines Low Price Guarantee"