At Huffines Subaru Corinth, we know how important it is to find the parts that you need for your vehicle. This is why we're proud to have a team of friendly and resourceful automotive professionals in our parts center who you can rely on for information and assistance. Keep reading to learn more about what we offer and why you should visit your local dealership the next time you're searching for parts for your car, truck, or SUV. 

The Convenience of Buying Subaru Auto Parts From Your Locally

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There are plenty of reasons to consider buying parts for your vehicle from a dealership. Buying OEM parts from a dealership is a simpler process than searching for them from an aftermarket brand. Even if you're sure that you can find what you're looking for in an aftermarket brand, since it doesn't come directly from the manufacturer, you may spend more time and effort making sure that the aftermarket part is the correct fit for your vehicle. 

Alternatively, Subaru makes OEM parts for your specific car, so all you need to do is tell one of our friendly associates in our parts center what you're looking for, and they'll be able to assist you. Rather than wasting your time browsing several aftermarket websites or locations and comparing the parts, features, and quality, you can take advantage of our resourceful and professional staff and get back out on the road sooner. 

Quality and Compatibility That You Can Rely On

When you're shopping for parts from Huffines Subaru Corinth, you can rest assured that they'll be compatible with your vehicle. Additionally, since Subaru manufactures them, you know that they'll be high-quality pieces that you can use for years to come. Manufacturers make OEM parts specifically for your model, so you know that Subaru produced them according to the same quality and safety standards as the rest of your vehicle. Rather than potentially jeopardizing the quality of the parts that you purchase by going with an aftermarket brand, you should opt for items from a dealership like ours. 

A Warranty That You Can Trust

Another advantage of buying OEM parts from a dealership rather than opting for an aftermarket option is that dealerships sell them with a warranty. Since the automotive manufacturer produces them according to the same standards as their vehicles, they may be able to offer return policies, guarantees, and warranties on their parts. We know that it may be tempting to choose a part from an aftermarket brand because they may offer lower prices up front. However, without the security of a warranty or return policy, an aftermarket option may end up costing you more in the long run. 

Take Your Time Browsing a Smaller Selection

Although it may seem like a benefit that aftermarket brands offer such a wide selection, having so many parts to consider and compare can be overwhelming and end up costing you additional time and energy. Instead, the parts center in our dealership only features parts that are made by the manufacturer, which means that we offer a smaller and higher-quality selection of items. Unless you're incredibly knowledgeable about the details of your vehicle and experienced at searching for specific parts, browsing an aftermarket brand's large selection can be more of a hindrance than a perk. 

For example, if you're looking for an exhaust system, and you consider and compare aftermarket options, you'll have to understand which model and brand suit your exact vehicle the best. Even with this information, you'll have to ensure that the aftermarket part fits your vehicle exactly, while you can rest assured that an OEM part will be an exact match since Subaru creates it for your exact model. 

Keep Your Vehicle's Resale Value

When you're searching for parts to use to modify your vehicle, it's important to keep the resale value in mind to get the most from your trade when you decide to upgrade to a different model. The presence of aftermarket parts can have a negative impact on the resale value of your vehicle, since buyers may be unfamiliar with the aftermarket brand and instead want parts from a manufacturer that they know and trust. 

While you may be able to claim that aftermarket modification parts make your vehicle unique, it can make it more challenging for a dealership to find the right buyer. This will make them less inclined to pay you more for your trade. This means that keeping the original parts or replacing them with OEM pieces can help you to maintain the resale value of your vehicle. While aftermarket brands may be able to offer lower prices, they may also lower the resale price of your car, which will cause you to lose more money in the long termnbsp;

Drawbacks of Buying Aftermarket Parts

While fans of aftermarket parts may boast about the variety and personalization that they offer, it's important to consider the drawbacks of aftermarket options vs. buying from a dealership. Although aftermarket part brands may be able to supply a wider variety of pieces, this can compromise the compatibility of the part. Not only could the part not match your vehicle exactly, but since Subaru didn't manufacture it, you can't count on the quality. This means that aftermarket parts can cost you more in the long run since they may break sooner than parts that you purchase from a dealership. 

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Visit Our Parts Center

When you're searching for a part to modify or repair your vehicle, make sure to visit our parts center at Huffines Subaru Corinth. Whether you're looking to improve your vehicle's steering, electrical, or interior features, our team of knowledgeable professionals will help you to find what you need and get you back on the road in no time. We take your time and money seriously, which is why we're proud to offer parts and service specials that make it easier to afford the item or system that you want. If you're unsure what your vehicle needs, or you want to make sure that it's performing as effectively as possible, you can schedule a service appointment online.

Nothing says a job well done than that feeling of accomplishment you get for doing it yourself. Here at Huffines Subaru, we know that there are many drivers in the greater Dallas area who enjoy changing their own oil, replacing burnt out headlights, and mounting new tires. And we want to give you a round of applause for getting your hands dirty and keep your Subaru running. So when it comes time to get the parts your Subaru Outback or Impreza need be sure to come to parts center here at Huffines Subaru in Denton, Texas.

Your Subaru Crosstrek or Forester gets you to work every day, picks up the kids from school, and take you on countless weekend adventures. So do your Subaru a favor and only use genuine Subaru parts from our parts department. When you get your brake pads, oil filters, and other Subaru parts from a dealership you are getting parts that come straight from the Subaru factory and are made specifically for your Subaru. Genuine Subaru parts are also tested for quality and durability by the engineers who designed them and are backed by the factory. Aftermarket parts can't say the same.

To request parts you can fill out the form below, give us a call at 888-835-9517, or stop by the dealership! Huffines Subaru is located at 5150 S Interstate 35E and we are proud to be serving drivers from McKinney to Plano and everywhere in between.

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